A Modern Space for Successful Gatherings

Our hotel takes pride in offering a versatile meeting room tailored to fulfill all your workshop needs. Whether you’re planning a full-day workshop or a short meeting, our meeting room accommodates a variety of seating formats including “U-shape”, “classroom”, or groupings, providing the flexibility necessary for an effective session.

Ensuring seamless connectivity throughout your event, the meeting room is equipped with high-speed optical internet.

This service is reliable and efficient, guaranteeing your presentations, video conferences, or online collaborations proceed without a hitch.

In addition to this, our meeting room is furnished with all the necessary modern equipment, including a flip chart and projector, to facilitate successful presentations and discussions. These tools are at your disposal to enhance the effectiveness and interactivity of your meetings or workshops.







An integral part of any successful event is the availability of quality catering. Our meeting room is backed by the excellent service of our hotel’s restaurant. Whether it’s for much-needed coffee breaks or a lunch service, choose from buffet style or à la carte options to suit your event’s needs. Our culinary team excels at creating menus that please diverse tastes and dietary requirements.

The space is designed to comfortably accommodate various group sizes. For a U-shaped seating arrangement, it can house up to 25 attendees, whereas for gatherings without tables, the room has a capacity of up to 35 people. In a classroom-style setting, up to 30 attendees can engage comfortably, ensuring each participant has ample space for productivity.

Moreover, if you’re considering booking the meeting room alongside guest rooms, we offer special discounts, providing excellent value. This integrated approach allows you to host participants from out of town or facilitate multi-day events efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our meeting room goes beyond a standard workspace; it’s a hub designed for collaboration, innovation, and progress, ensuring your workshops or meetings are as successful as they are memorable.